The first stage of National Championship of "Robocon 2019" Domestic contest has been successfully completed, which was held prosperously done on the 23 of February at the “Misheel Expo” center, Ulaanbaatar. There were 63 games in the ward and 21 teams from 9 school participated in the contest. Only sixteen participants have been chosen to have the opportunity to take part on the upcoming domestic contest on April 27 of 2019. In which two teams out of sixteen group will be chosen as a winner during the final round. Furthermore, the two chosen winner teams representing the country will be participated in “ABU Robocon 2019 Ulaanbaatar” International Robot Competition in August. The winner got 570 scored “Railbot” team of Railway Institute of Mongolia. Second award team was which named by “Tsakhim Alt” with a score of 480, Information and Technology School of University of Science and Technology. Third place was “NewRobo” team of New Mongolian Technology College with 300 points. The participants expressed that the tournament were very well organized from the competitions previously. Particularly, people were grateful for the Volunteer Team who were helping to participants and visitors very well. Noticeably, the Mongolian National Broadcaster worked harder to organize a robot contest based on International Standards during the competition.