Mr Tomohisa Arai, ABU Robocon Deputy Secretariat Chief, Executive Producer of NHK Enterprises Incand Mr Takushi Yoshida, ABU Robocon Secretariat, Producer of  NHK Enterprises Incvisited MNB, on 16th to 17th of January 2019. The main purpose of the visiting is to host the Robocon International Robot Competition in August 2019. Also they discussed with Mongolian’s organizing team of the Robocon competition that is to provide guidance, to talk about rules, get solution technical issues of the competition. During the visit, Ms. Ninjjamts.L who is the director of MNB, met with the visitors for exchanged of viewseach other about cooperation and   joined “Neelttei khorom”talk show of social views of MNB with the Japanese Producers, talked about Robocon Competition is how to contributing for engineering field.